Atlantis integration

published on 27 March 2022

Atlantis is an application for automating Terraform via pull requests. Semdiff can be integrated with Atlantis, so that semdiff automatically analyzes plans and displays the results as comments.

To do this, first install python3 and pip, and then the semdiff CLI with: pip install semdiff

After this, you can add the following to the atlantis repo config:

      - init
      - plan
      - run: terraform show -json $PLANFILE > $PLANFILE.json
      - run: semdiff -a 123456789012 -r eu-west-2 $PLANFILE.json

Don't forget to customize the AWS account id (-a) and region (-r). Save the config file as config.yml and start Atlantis with atlantis server --repo-config config.yaml